Strangeloops Collective was a multi-disciplinary visual arts collective combining large-scale, narrative painting, physical computing, and digital animation. Together we made interactive, environmentally aware art, grounded in traditional painting, but committed to innovation. Our work emerged from a fluid, and changeable, collaborative structure, and is dedicated to ephemerality, viewer engagement, and open-ended story.

Our first project, launched in 2012, for Ottawa's inaugural Nuit Blanche, was described by Guerrilla Magazine editor Tony Martins, as "the best of NBO". We followed this up with a residency at the DAIMON Centre in 2013.

While intense, I like to think it made things a little more beautiful for those who experienced it.

One of our members is still producing incredible works here.


Nature Nocturne
Featured Artist, Ottawa
Nuit Blanche
Featured Artist, Ottawa
Vashon Island
Angell Gallery, Toronto
Something Went Wrong In The Bedroom
Nuit Blanche, Ottawa

Selected Works