"Above all else, Be Useful"

My Tech background includes development, architecture, mathematics, leading teams, marketing and strategy

If you have made an Interac purchase, bought a lottery ticket, been to a hospital or used your passport to cross a border – you have probably used my products.

I’ve been responsible for security and development work that protects hundreds of millions of people. Large-scale systems of goverment and high-end corporations located across 80+ countries in high-security environments.

I’m always fascinated with researching and understanding things at a deeper level. My work into secure networks was previously recognized by OCIPEP for outstanding research in security.

I’ve lead teams that achieved a series of notable “Firsts”: First issued high-security ePassport, First issued Drivers Licence with printed digital signature and First general-public Mobile Drivers License (craft beer purchases with your phone!)

Selected Talks

You Are Here: Leading your Security Program with Wardley Maps
ATLSecCon 2021
Ottawa BSides 2019

If you're responsible for a security program or are expected to lead the last line of defense against the onslaught of relentless risks - we need to talk.

When a new attack class appears do you know what it means for your security? When you're asked for next-year's security priorities how do you answer the inevitable question: "So what?" When a new product is buzzing around halls of R&D how do you know where it fits in *your* security priorities? This talk looks at how to provide long-range guidance and short-term priorities to hundreds of technical staff across multiple continents developing national-security level software.

Wardley Mapping is a new technique for communicating situational awareness. Get good at this and you'll find yourself in the middle of everything from business to technical strategy.
Mobile Drivers' Licenses: Lessons Learned
OWASP 2018
Many predict that the next generation of Drivers Licenses will leave your wallet and migrate to your phone. How will this look and will it be secure?

In 2016 we deployed the first general-public, Mobile Driver’s License where US citizens could prove their identity (and buy craft beer!) using only their mobile phone.

This talk takes you under the covers of how the pilot system worked, the security techniques used and how high-level customer requirements create detailed technical problems. It's a great chance to see - and comment on - how your identity may be secured in next-generation Mobile ID